Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

When Sa Timok’s Trumpets Blow

June 28, 2019
When the trumpets sound from Timok

The manifestation “Trumpet Sounds from Timok” started last night on the city square, which, for the sixth year in a row, is organized by the Tourist Organization with the support of the municipality of Knjaževac. The people of Knjažev will enjoy the sounds of the trumpet tonight at the same place from 8:00 p.m.

It is a pleasure to see how this manifestation grows and develops from year to year, said the president of the municipality, Milan Đokić, opening the sixth “Trumpets from Timok”.

“It is a pleasure to see that Knjaževac is positioned on the map of cities that nurture the trumpet tradition. One of the slogans of this manifestation is “Serbia with a trumpet in both wars and weddings”. We owe the trumpet a lot. We hope that there will never be an opportunity in the future for Serbs to go to war with a trumpet, but that there will be more and more opportunities to celebrate our people.”

This year, the manifestation does not have a competitive character, but that did not diminish its quality, according to Jelena Kinđer, director of the Tourist Organization.

“This manifestation promotes the national instrument – the trumpet. Knjaževac has a long tradition related to trumpet orchestras, so this event was initiated to valorize that segment of the cultural identity of our municipality. This year, the event does not have a competitive character, but that did not diminish its quality. It is intended for good sound and good fun.”

Orchestras from Požega, Guča and the local Barka brass band showed the Knjaževac audience how it is played in the east and in the west of Serbia.

The special guest of the evening was Marko Luis, a talented musician whose art combines jazz, pop and funk with the traditions of the Balkans, and whom many first recognize as the son of the famous Ljubiša Stojanović Luis.

As part of the “Trumpet Sounds from Timok” event, in cooperation with the Association of Vintage Vehicle Enthusiasts, a traditional exhibition of old-timers was also organized.