Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Two decades of Đurđevdan meetings

May 11, 2019
Two decades of Đurđevdan meetings

The ethno festival, as the second part of the manifestation “Prayer under Midžor”, was held on 11 May in Balta Belta Berilovac. Jubilee, 20 respectively, the festival brought together diverse exhibitors from southeastern Serbia with antique tables, crafts, and medicinal herbs. A three-hour cultural and artistic program was organized.

On the 20th, it began with the invitation of Caja, the commander of St. George’s Day festivities. jubilee ethno festival “Prayer under Midjor”. Marko Stojanović, Assistant to the President of the Municipality, addressed the people of Staroplanin and the guests, who came to the gate of the “Roof of Serbia” from all over the country.

On the summer stage, in the courtyard of the old village school of Jove the teacher, dancers, singers, musicians, and storytellers took turns. At the same time, in the nearby meadows, a children’s competition in shepherd games took place.

It was hard to resist the delicacies that spread from the table – from pies with cheese and greens, to the indispensable lamb sardines and stews and dishes and tor and for the court – the famous Belmuž.

Satisfied with the number of hikers and visitors, the Tourist Organization announces the beginning of the summer season on Stara planina with this event.

In the end, as every year – awards to the most successful, until the next meetings, which will once again gather people in the two villages of Stara Planina – Vrtovac and Balta Berilovac.