Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

The archeo-ethno park in the village of Ravna is located eight kilometers north of Knjaževac and is an unusual destination for lovers of customs, traditions and cultural heritage, which takes us back two hundred years to the life of the village from the end 19. and the beginning 20th century. The old Moravian house, built of Bondruk, was moved from Stara planina.

The old Morava house, built of bondruk, was moved from Stara Planina. Imagine a host welcoming guests on a wooden doksat and placing them on tripods around the hearth. Feel the spirit of old times for a moment and think how life was then! In the yard there is a “ground floor” with wreaths of peppers hung on uneven blowers (walls), and a little further a pot for baking brandy with a cherry tree pipe, and a pottery workshop.

In the old village school there is a research station for students and scientists, and nearby is a lapidarium with Roman monuments found at the late antique site timacum minus. A statue of Dionysus, the god of wine of the ancient Romans, was also found at this site, and in the cellar of one of the houses there is a wine museum with a wine cellar.

Archaeo-ethno park Ravna 2
Archaeo-ethno park Ravna