Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Only five kilometers southwest of Knjaževac, in the area of the village of Rgošta, on the coast of Svrljiški Timok, there is Rgoška Banja -Banjica, as it is called in the Knjaževac region. In the place where healing water springs, a natural lake has been formed, where the water temperature is constant 28 degrees. The analysis found that in the water, there is magnesium, selenium, manganese, radon, fluorine.

Rgoška Banjica has been known since ancient times. Roman legionnaires bathed in it, as evidenced by the remains of a former Roman bath.

Thousands of visitors, who come here every year during all seasons, claim that it was the water from Banja Luka that helped them heal from different types of
diseases, such as sciatica, rheumatism, or respiratory diseases. There is still an anecdote among the visitors about a man who was brought in a car, and after two or three weeks of treatment in spa water, went home on foot. In addition to the healing spring, this favorite excursion site of the citizens of Knjaževka and their guests has a walking trail, a restaurant and a playground for children.

Water from the thermal spring is supplied by the Sports and Recreation Center of the Banjica Swimming Pool, which consists of an Olympic swimming pool, children’s aqua park, a field for various sports, restaurants and a mini spa center.

During the winter period, the pool is covered, so it is possible to enjoy warm water all year round.

The sports and recreation center of the Banjica swimming pool is a favorite resort not only for the people of Knjaževac, but also for people from the region and a favorite destination of sports teams, who come here for preparations.

Complex Banjic
Complex Banjica
Complex Banjica swimming pools
Complex Banjica
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Complex Banjica