Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

A civil engineer, Borivoje Radenković, was born in Knjaževac, and for more than fifty years he participated in the construction of many important facilities in Serbia. Among other things, he is the builder of the Church of St. Mark in Belgrade.

Knjaževac use to be called “Serbian Venice” and “Little Paris” precisely because of the seven bridges that bridged the banks of the Svrljiški and the Trgoviški Timok. The most famous and the most painted is the so-called “stone bridge” in the city center. It was designed by the engineer, Borivoje Radenković, in 1913 . With a span of 30 meters, it was the largest bridge of its kind in Serbia.

In terms of communication, the most important is the bridge on the Trgoviški Timok, which was built on five wooden tombs back in 1851 . It was demolished and built as many times as there were wars on this soil. Bridges are a common motif of photographers and painters, and the people of Knjaževac simply call them “wooden”, “white”, “concrete” or romantically – “bridge of love”.

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