Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.



There are high-quality conditions and grounds for paragliding on the Tupižnica mountain. This potential influenced Knjaževac to be on the map of international competitions, which gather the big names of this sport. At the Pre-World Cup, held in our country, world record holder Neville Hallett did not miss the opportunity to test himself in the sky above Knjaževac.

Paragliders in the sky above Stara Planina
View of the Paragliders from the hill above the city


The municipality of Knjaževac is ideal for mountain biking. The mountain areas of Stara planina are specific, so it is not easy to navigate it. This is exactly why it represents a challenge for all cycling enthusiasts.

An excellent place for riding mountain bikes is the Jevik picnic area near the city center.

Cycling in Knjazevac Municipality 8
Cycling in Knjazevac Municipality 9


Lovers of four-wheelers (quads) are also regular guests of the Knjaževac municipality. Already traditionally, in June, the “Midjor Adventure” is held here, which gathers quad drivers from all over Europe. It is driven along inaccessible paths, where the human foot has hardly set foot, over rivers and streams, to the peaks, from which the roof of Serbia can be seen in all its beauty.

ATV Adventure 2
ATV Adventure 1

Hunting and fishing

The configuration of the terrain, the diversity of animal life, significant areas under the forest make Knjaževac and its surroundings attractive for hunters from all over Serbia and beyond. The most common wild game that is hunted is rabbit, wild boar, and roe deer. In this area, there are four hunting grounds with a total area of about 60,000 ha. These are Tupižnica, Srbija šume II, Tresibaba and Midžor – Kalna. This opens the possibility for the arrival of hunters who can find accommodation in nearby villages or hunting lodges. The hunting grounds are managed by three hunting associations located in Kalna, Miničevo and Knjaževac.

On the territory of the municipality of Knjaževac, chub, sable, bream and trout are fished. Association “Beli Timok” takes care of the waters and carries out stocking, which creates the conditions for fishing competitions. The most interesting chub fishing seems to be with a lure.

OSR Beli Timok – Phone: +381 64 8288445 and Hunting associations: Knjaževac: +381 19 731 705 / Minićevo: +381 19 769 605 / Kalna: +381 19 760 598

Fishing 2
Hunting in Knjazevac Municipality - picture of hunters
Hunting in knjazevacka municipality - hunter aimed at wild boar

Ultra trail

Ultra trail Stara Planina, held since 2013. year, at the beginning of June on Stara planina. Organized by the Sky running association of Serbia, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, sky runners compete over 2,000 m. altitude in a kind of endurance race. The organizer changes the tracks and distances every year, so that the competitors can get to know as much as possible of 114,000 ha. landscape.

To Baba's tooth

Moon fest

The full moon festival “Moon Fest” offers nature lovers and young people the opportunity to experience Stara Planina in a different way, to experience the starry sky, the dawn, the morning and the “awakening” of the mountain, whose landscapes leave you breathless. The central motif of the event is the night ascent to Midjor on the night of the full moon. The festival also includes educational lectures on celestial phenomena, a cultural and artistic program and watching the sunrise from the roof of Serbia. The festival takes place during the summer.