Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Why an adventure at the tourism fair in Belgrade

Adventure tourism is in great expansion in the world, young people eager for adventure are looking for landscapes that were not available to tourists, wild and unexplored. The municipality of Knjaževac, with its large territory and abundant wealth of flora and fauna, openly participates in this race with the idea of succeeding and making Knjaževac a center for adventurers and nature lovers.

We believe that adventure tourism is expanding, and we have something to offer our guests. Tourist organization Knjaževac

It is on Stara planina 6. and on October 7, an orienteering competition was held. The competition is one of the activities within the Ad-vision project, which is co-financed from the Interreg IPA CBC Bulgaria Serbia program. The first part of the competition was realized on 06. October on the territory of the municipality of Belogradčik, on the Bulgarian side of Stara Planina, and the other part on 07. October on the territory of Stara Planina, which territorially belongs to the municipality of Knjaževac. The contestants had the opportunity to use the application for navigation during the competition, which is also one of the results of the project implementation. More than a hundred competitors had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Stara Planina on both sides of the border.