Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Promenades in Knjaževac occupy a very important place. Those who have already been here say that it is the best to go along Linden Street or Chestnut Street, two city alleys on the left and right banks of the Svrljiški Timok, which intersect the town and divide it into “upper” and “lower” bazaars.

In Linden Street, there is a modern building of the House of Culture. Numerous musical talents are growing in Kestenova Street, in the school named after the famous conductor Predrag Milosevic. A path several hundred meters long leads to Sredorek. Paved hiking trails, a field for small sports, a playground for children… And all that by the river, in a quiet oasis, and in the city centre.

Near the town, at the Jevik picnic area, in a pine forest, the Mountaineering Association “Babin zub” marked hiking trails for sports fans and recreationists: Health trail, 4 km long; Hiking trail, almost 8 km long; Bambi trim track for children under 10 and Trim track.

Knjaževac Promenades