Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Church of Saint George

In 1833 in honor of the first arrival of Prince Miloš in Gurgusovac, the construction of the Orthodox church began. The construction was completed in 1835. The belfry with the clock was built in 1866. years.

The iconostasis of the church was painted by Georgije Bakalović from Sremski Karlovac, a student of Stefan Gavrilović, one of the most important painters from the beginning of the 19th century. The church was burned down during the Serbian-Turkish war (1876). Reconstruction began in 1878. year, and academic painter Nikola Marković painted new iconostasis. Today, the Gospel from 1805 is kept in the treasury of the Knjaževac church. year, silver cross from 1866. year and two icons, the remains of the old iconostasis, from 1835. years.

The Gospel, which was presented to the Church of St. George by Prince Miloš, was brought from Bulgaria to Knjaževac in 1878. merchant Ilija Jeremić, then commander of the battalion of the Knjaževac army.

Church of Saint George 2
Church of Saint George
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