Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Walnut Days in Vitkovac 2019

September 28, 2019
Walnut days

Dedicated to walnuts and walnut products, it is 28 in Vitkovac. In September, the Timočki walnut days event “Mother-in-law’s eye” was held.
Walnut days: Vitkovac – where the mother-in-law has her cake

For the third year in a row, the Timočka Walnut Days were held in Vitkovac. The people of Vitkov called the event dedicated to this fruit “Mother-in-law’s eye” after the cake of the same name, a real energy bomb.

Residents of this village and the surrounding area presented products and dishes from walnuts, from which they say, everything can be made – from syrups, teas, tinctures, medicinal brandies, to salty and especially sweet treats.

Saying that such gatherings revive the villages, the Mayor of the municipality, Milan Đokić, also supported the event, announcing significant new support for fruit growers.

“We want to work to bring life back to the villages of Kwaževac, and in order for it to come back, everyone in the village must have something to live on. I am using this opportunity to announce that all those who had cherries and handed them over in the course of 2019. year, by the end of the year they will be very concretely financially assisted, through the settlement. In accordance with our capabilities, and in agreement with the president, who visited us a few days ago, they will receive another two or three dinars per kilogram with proof of the purchase block for what have handed over,” said Đokić.

In cooperation with the House of Culture, Vitkovac hosted the School of Folklore, folk poets, musicians and storytellers on Walnut Days. The special guest was the singer Boban Zdravković.