Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Prayer under the Midžor

This year, on 06th May, for the 23rd time, under the Stara planina, will be held the event “Prayer under the Midžor”. This event promotes the tradition of the Stara planina area. St. George’s Day is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of spring, and the awakening of nature. In the Knjaževac area, an ancient custom is associated with it, thanks to which the municipality of Knjaževac received the title “European Destination of Excellence”.
The event begins in Vrtovac, at a place called Kalavat, in the early morning hours, with the traditional Votive Prayer. It continues in the village of Balta Berilovac, where the Ethno Festival will be held in the courtyard of the village school, which has been transformed into the Museum of Education. Participants will compete in the categories of the best cheese, belmuž, lamb soup, traditional table, souvenir, old crafts, etc. The regularity of the competition in the gastronomic categories will be supervised by a three-member jury, led by Hadži Saša Mišić. There will also be a competition in the shepherd’s games.
The organizer prepared a rich cultural and artistic program. The special guest of the program will be Danica Krstić. Prayer under Midžor is a unique opportunity to experience the unusual ambience and atmosphere of awakening nature under the Stara planina.