Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

The Town Museum is housed in a building constructed in 1906 . It used to be the family home of the Sibinović family, former owners of the “Dobra sreća” mine, and today it is under state protection. The Town Museum in Knjaževac keeps exhibits from past times: from prehistory and Roman times, Byzantium and the Middle Ages, the time of the Turks, the Timok revolt, until today. There are also objects found at archaeological sites, but also those that were collected in the forgotten villages of the Knjaževac municipality. Exhibitions, concerts, various educational workshops are organized here.

A special and honorable place in the Town Museum belongs to two-string- knitted socks. Unique in the world, this most beautiful part of the folk costume of the Knjaževac area is knitted with five needles and each pair of socks is unique. They were created in the period from the 18th to the 20th century. The ethnographic collection of two-string knitted woolen socks (there are over 600 pairs in the Museum), was declared a cultural monument of Serbia in 1965 .

National Nose Socks Town Museum
Town Museum – National Costumes