Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Manifestations in the Knjaževac Municipality

Serbian Youth Culture Festival

For more than five decades, the Serbian Youth Culture Festival has been held in Knjazevac, a unique review of top achievements of Serbian young people in music, poetry, theater, film, painting, photography, comics.
Thanks to the Festival, ever since 1962, when it was founded on the initiative of students, Knjaževac has become an inevitable spot on the cultural map of our country every July. A great number famous artists started their careers on the Knjaževac stage.

The organizer: Assosiation of citizens “ Serbian Youth Culture Festival”

Event time: July-August

Serbian Youth Culture Festival 7

Trumpet sounds from Timok

“Trumpet Sounds from Timok” is a manifestation that promotes the potential of the municipality of Knjaževac. It includes several events: a fashion show of old-timers of the Association of the Lovers of Old-Time vehicles Knjaževac, a bazaar of the highest quality products from local manufacturers, a presentation of local (fish and hunting) specialities and a rich cultural and artistic program.

The central event of the event of this manifestation is the performance of brass bands from Knjaževac and the wider area.

The organizer: Tourist organization of Knjazevac

Event time: June-July

Trumpet sounds on Timok 1
Trumpet sounds on Timok 2

Prayer under Midžor

“Prayer under Midžor” is a festival that takes place every year on St. George’s Day (6th of May) in the villages of Vrtovac and Balta Berilovac (first Saturday after St. George’s Day) at the gate of Stara Planina. St. George’s Day is a joyous holiday, which celebrates the power of spring and nature. In Vrtovac, in a cell dedicated to St. George, a ritual lamb sacrificing is performed, which is called the “prayer” by the people of Budžak. A ritual procession is organized – lithium, consecrates cheese, wreaths of mountain flowers are knitted, dances and sings. On the first Saturday after The St.George’s Day, the manifestation continues in Balta Berilovac.

The organizer: Tourist organization of Knjazevac

Event time: May

The Panajur Assembly

In the village of Jalovik Izvor, 40 km from Knjaževac, under the Stara planina, every year on the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 28), the “Panajur Assembly” is held, an event dedicated to the traditional folk songs and dances. Singers, accordionists, flutes, bagpipers, and trumpeters show their talent here. The beauty of the Assembly is chosen and in the end a circle of dancers or “kolo” of 1000 dancers is formed. The festival is an opportunity too hear the sounds of forgotten traditional music, but also to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature and clean air.

The organizer: Tourist organization of Knjazevac

Event time: August

The Panajur Assembly
The Panajur Assembly 3

The Kadibogaz Fair

The two twinned municipalities, the municipality of Knjaževac from Serbia and the municipality of Belogradchik from Bulgaria, have been nurturing a good economic, cultural, tourist and sports cooperation for years. The coming together of two towns and two peoples culminates every summer with the Assembly on Kadibogaz, in the atar of the Knjaževa village of Novo Korito and the village of Salaš on the Bulgarian side of the border. For three days, the border is crossed without a passport, friends hang out, relatives meet, sing and dance, buy and sell. The Kadibogaz Assembly is the largest cross-border assembly in the Balkans.

The organizer: Assosiation of citizens “ The Kadibogaz Fair “

Event time: July

Visitors leave the Assembly for Cadibogaza of Serbia and Bulgaria

Balkan Hero

Balkan Hero is an event that gathers off-road drivers in three classes: Adventure Class, Challenge Class and UTV Class, in a sport that raises adrenaline. During three days, on a demanding terrain, the following races alternate:

Round race in the prologue

Night stage

Challenging race across a map with checkpoints

Special challange

Participants of the “Balkan Hero” race collect points for the Serbian 4×4 Adventures Cup.

In addition to enjoying adrenaline, participants have the opportunity to enjoy the attractive and challenging terrain of Stara planina.

The organizer: Sports association Knjaževac 4×4

Event time: September

“Along the paths of Stara planina-Dupljak”

Every July, several hundreds of mountaineers and nature lovers from all over Serbia go on a hike to the “roof of Serbia”. The climb, with stops along the way, takes about six hours. Mountaineers are accompanied by herds of semi-wild horses, rare birds and plants in a unique nature reserve. The effort will pay off when you look down from Midzor at centuries-old forests, gold-bearing streams, or, on clear days, at the Danube itself.

The organizer: Mountaineering Association of the Timok Region and Mountaineering Association of Serbia

Event time: August

10000 Zagreb

Meetings of ethno associations

Under the slogan “Tradition to Europe”, meetings of ethnic associations and associations of Serbia are held in Knjaževac every winter. This manifestation brings together participants from all over Serbia and the countries of the region, who present their skills in making souvenirs and clothing items inspired by folk tradition. Also, traditional old crafts are presented at these meetings. Under the auspices of the municipality of Knjazevac and with the support of the Tourist Organization, the meetings are organized by the “Izvor” Tradition Cultivation Association.

The organizer: “Izvor” Tradition Cultivation Association

Event time: December

Meetings of ethno associations 3
Meetings of ethno associations


The main motive on which the manifestation is based is rosehip, an edible wild plant that grows on the slopes of forests. The organizers of “Šipurijada” are preparing a competition, revue, artistic, educational and entertainment program. There is a competition for the largest and most beautiful pomegranate, for the best pomegranate jam, the most original recipe with this fruit, the most beautifully decorated stall, the best art and literary work.
Participation in the category of literary and fine arts works is intended only for children from preschool institutions and primary schools. The event is being held in the building of the Rural Cooperative Home in Novo Korito, the last inhabited place on the road from Minićevo to the border with Bulgaria.

The organizer: Novo Korito Village and Atelier Toplica Ignjatovic

Event time: October

Rod jam
The game of the car

Cherry Days

The event “Cherry Days” is held in the village of Vasilj, in honor of the cherry, the fruit after which the Municipality of Knjaževac is recognizable. The event includes an exhibition of handicrafts, domestic cherry products and a rich cultural and artistic program. It gathers cherry growers, housewives and hosts who make gastronomic specialties from cherries. The event promotes the touristic, economic and cultural values of the Municipality of Knjaževac.

The organizer: Vasilj Village

Event time: Jun-July-August

Cherry Days 2
Cherry Days

Walnut Days – Mother-in-law’s eye

The event “Days of Walnuts” dedicated to this fruit, the people of Vitkovci called “Mother-in-law’s Eye” after the cake of the same name, a real energy bomb.
The inhabitants of this village and the surrounding area present products and dishes from walnuts, from which they say, everything can be made – from syrup, teas, tinctures, medicinal brandies, to salty, and especially sweet treats. The event also brings together folk poets, musicians, storytellers, folklore ensembles, who organize a rich cultural and artistic program every year.

The organizer: Vitkovac Village

Event time: September-October

Walnut Days
Circle of Knjazevac folklore during walnut day