Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Listen, brothers. Listen, all you Serbs. Hear great and small, male and female, whoever you are here today. And whoever is not here today, let that one of you hear and hear, and let everyone understand and remember what I am going to say to everyone now forever. If it is for my sake to have with you and in front of you from now on forever in the general work and a leader for the people and the homeland and if it is for the sake of all our hard work being advanced, and now all of you here from one throat in front of this house of God say it and before by the holy altar, you make a vow, that you accept on your souls all that may arise from this undertaking of misfortune and suffering, and also that you promise me here now and immediately to give me full authority and free will so that I can command each of you and that I can freak out (punish) anyone who does not want to listen to me or who does something wrong – Miloš began his speech.

After that, Prince Miloš went to Crnuća, where a lot of people had gathered, entered his vyat and put on the most solemn suit, took the flag, went outside and said: “Here I am, here you are, war against the Turks!”