Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Trumpet sounds on Timok

Under the linden trees, on the plateau of the House of Culture, every year as part of the cultural summer, the event “Sounds of trumpets from Timok” is held.

Sounds like a trumpet from Timok 3
Sounds like a trumpet from Timok

The tradition of performing on the trumpet has a very long tradition, in the valley of the three Timoks. Knjazevac bleh orchestras are widely known, and their skills and skills have earned them numerous awards at the largest national trumpet competition in Guca, but also at competitions and performances abroad. The event “Sounds of trumpets from Timok” promotes the human resources of the Municipality of Knjazevac. It is held on the modern plateau of the House of Culture, under linden trees, on the right bank of Svrljiški Timok. It includes a variety of events, a rich and varied music program.

The central part of the event is the performance of bleh orchestras from Knjaževac. A pleasant summer afternoon and evening, the sunset on the banks of Timok, the cheerful sounds of trumpets make this event unusual. This is definitely something to experience.

Trumpet sounds on Timok 2
Trumpet sounds on Timok
  • Time: June-July
  • Organizer: Tourist organization of the municipality of Knjaževac
  • Contact: 019 735 230