Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

STD “Vučković Ranko”

Ranka Vučković’s rural tourist household is located in the village of Trgovište. It has an accommodation unit with two beds. The long-standing family tradition of beekeeping grew into a profession that this family is still engaged in today. Apart from the rich offer of honey and other bee products, what makes this household stand out is the modern and newly arranged api inhalation center.

The center has an api chamber, ie a room where beehives with bee colonies are located. The air from the beehives is used for inhalation and contributes to the treatment of numerous diseases. The house is located in a natural environment, about 350 meters from the main road.

number of beds | 2
number of rooms | 2

Ranko Vučković

063 154 0770

064 657 6331