Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.


Villa “Babin zub” is located on Stara Planina in the beautiful surroundings of the Nature Park “Babin zub”, in the village of Balta Berilovac, 15 km from the ski resort.

It is surrounded by meadows and orchards, pastures, and the Berilovac river flows next to the house itself. You will enjoy the charms of untouched nature, the specialties of local cuisine, and the hospitality of friendly hosts. Drink water from the spring, learn the picturesque speech of the oldest Serbian dialect, experience the “Old Mountain Evening” with the sounds of traditional instruments (bagpipes, flute, accordion) and the song of the women of Stara Planina. From this year, accommodation for young people is also offered in the camp, not far from the village household.

number of beds | 8
number of rooms | 3