Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

STD “Ethno village STARA PLANINA Goran Krstić”

The household of Krstić Goran is located in the village of Kalna, about thirty kilometers from Knjaževac. The house has 9 rooms with 30 beds.

There are meadows and forests around the house, and a stream flows in the immediate vicinity. This environment is suitable for
practicing activities such as collecting medicinal plants and forest fruits, hiking, cycling. The ethno village recently has an open-air museum. Fifteen kilometers from the household is the cultural and historical monument of the Church of the Virgin in the village of Donja Kamenica, and ten kilometers away is the hydrographic nature monument Bigar Potok, a favorite and “must-have” resort for travelers.”

number of beds | 30
number of rooms | 9

Goran Krstić

069 1719721

064 4159870