Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Village gatherings

Exhibition of folk costumes

The Municipality of Knjaževac includes 85 rural settlements scattered over an area of 1202km². Whether mountainous or lowland, all villages are authentic and beautiful. All villages have in common a rich tradition, curious and hospitable hosts. The event “Miholjski meetings of villages” promotes the potential of rural areas.

The event includes a competition in the preparation of gastronomic specialties characteristic of the municipality of Knjaževac, as well as a rich and diverse cultural and artistic program. All visitors are guaranteed the opportunity to try the recognizable tastes of Knjaževac, enjoy socializing with competitive teams, exchange opinions, and get some recipes from skilled and experienced housewives and hosts.

Offer of local cuisine

This event is supported by the Ministry of Village Care.

  • Time: September-October
  • Organizer: Tourist organization of the municipality of Knjaževac