Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.


On the slopes of Stara Planina in the village of Vrtovac there is a household Pesic that has 9 +1 beds.

With friendly hosts, in addition to traditional specialties, such as potatoes with meat under the bell, belmuž and gibanica, you can try tomato jam. The hosts can take you on a tour of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, the Monastery of Temska, the Church of the Holy Mother of God, and if you are nature lovers, you will enjoy the charms of Stara Planina. One of the choices is bigreni waterfall, which has the status of a hydrological monument of nature. The kindness of the hosts and the beautiful surroundings guarantee an unforgettable stay on Stara Planina.

Number of beds: 9+1
Number of rooms: 3

Dragomir Pešić

064 93 89 431

019 766 320