Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.


Hotel Babin Zub is located at the foot of Babin Zub on Stara Planina. Hotel “Babin Zub” has an accommodation capacity of 60 beds in 1/2, 1/2+1 and 1/3 rooms and two apartments, as well as a reception, a restaurant with 70 seats, a banquet hall with 10 seats and a meeting room with 40 seats. places, a ski room and a TV and fireplace room. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is also a parking lot, as well as a fenced basketball court with an asphalt surface.

It is 5.4 km as the crow flies from the highest peak of Serbia, Midžora. If you want to climb to the roof of Serbia, the length of the trail is 8.6 km, and it will take you about 3 hours. Mountain climbs are organized twice a year.

number of beds | 60
number of rooms | 14