Knjaževac - Little Venice in eastern Serbia.

Ethno village of Srna

The ethnic village of Srna is located near Kalna, among the mountain massifs of Stara Planina, in the village of Inovo.

The facilities of the complex are suitable for celebrations and entertainment with music and a rich menu. It offers its visitors fresh mountain air, long walks through untouched nature, clean springs, hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, skiing, trim trail, swimming in the river, as well as sumptuous home-cooked meals and everything a modern man needs. The ethnic village has a fortune teller in its structure where mango trees are grown. On the rich menu you can find tobacco crackers, bacon, ajvar and all other local food and local specialties.

Villa Alexia I 15 rooms and 30 beds
Hotel Angelia I 14 rooms I 28 beds
Hotel Alexej I 27 rooms and 70 beds
Hostel Jovana I 54 rooms and 110 beds

Saša Prokopović

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019 760 335